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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Could Kawhi Leonard Slide To Rockets At 14?

DraftExpress has their latest board up, and it looks like a few late movers and shakers could knock some of the assumed top 10 picks into play for Houston without a trade up. Kawhi Leonard of San Diego State has often been in the mix for the Wizards pick at No. 6 and the Pistons pick at No. 8, but in this scenario, they both take different players and Leonard stumbles all the way to the end of the lottery.

At No. 23, the Rockets wind up with Georgia Tech guard Iman Shumpert -- I'm not a big fan of this pick and think Shumpert is all tools at this point, but maybe he can overcome that. It would be pretty strange for the Rockets to pass up Tyler Honeycutt at this stage of the draft, but with Leonard already on the team, I guess it was assumed that Houston wouldn't take two small forwards.

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