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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Rockets Snag Marcus Morris In Final SB Nation Mock

One last mock draft to whet your tastes for that sort of thing, as the Rockets close in on the 2011 NBA Draft tonight. SB Nation's Tom Ziller has figured out a way to land Marcus Morris in Houston. The bad news? His second round pick for Houston is completely off the wall and they pass up Tristan Thompson in the process. Yikes!

14. Houston Rockets: Marcus Morris, F, Kansas

I have a feeling the Rockets like Morris a lot, and could have been target a move-up to his range in recent rumors.

23. Houston Rockets: Charles Jenkins, G, Hofstra

The black Jimmer Fredette who could drink coffee in college.

I am, as usual, perplexed by this mock. That's become kind of normal thing though, and Morris would be a solid pick for Houston if he were around at 14. Rumors are that the Rockets may be more fixated on Tristan Thompson though, and it'd be hard to see them passing up on him at this stage in the game if he's around.

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