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NBA Draft Grades: Pair Of New Rockets Score High According To CBS

CBS' Dave Del Grande was tasked with the impossible: instant draft grades for players. Naturally, to get there, he had to ignore some of the trades that happened in his analysis. On the bright side, he does like both of Houston's picks: 

No. 14: Rockets select: Marcus Morris, PF, Kansas Grade A
Analysis: The Rockets scouted international big men looking to replace Yao Ming and came to the obvious conclusion -- even had they picked No. 1, their best plan of attack is to talk the big guy into coming back. 

No. 20: Timberwolves select: Donatas Montiejunas, PF, Benetton Treviso Grade B
Analysis: No NBA executive knows foreign talent better than Minnesota's Tony Ronzone. In the year of the international big man, you just knew the Timberwolves would get one -- and maybe even the best one.

Just replace "Timberwolves" with "Rockets" and praise of Tony Ronzone with praise of Daryl Morey, and that sounds right!

Look, it's silly to grade drafts right away. Ridiculously so. It's a nice sign that some writers liked the Rockets picks, but the bottom line right now is that nothing has changed for Houston. They still have a ton of assets and still need to find a big man or a star. Or both.

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