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NBA Draft Grades: Considering Marcus Morris And Chandler Parsons

Marcus Morris

Here's the thing about Kansas forward Marcus Morris: he has a wide variety of skills. Anyone around 6-foot-9 who can be described as a small forward does not lack for NBA-caliber skills. He has the potential to be a matchup nightmare against a wide swarth of NBA players. Daryl Morey has described him as having "Ron Artest" defensive potential, which explains why they took him over players like Chris Singleton or Kawhi Leonard

It's hard to find a flaw with the pick by Morey's reasoning. He's the best player available. It does nothing to actually fix the Rockets problems, but it was still a fairly good pick. 

Grade: The five dollar footlong. It's not a bad thing by any means, and you get good value out of it, but if you're a serious dieter, it doesn't actually do much for you. 

Chandler Parsons

If Morris wasn't necessary, then Parsons was a pure luxury pick. The Rockets bought back their pick from the Timberwolves at No. 38 and selected the Florida small forward who many had going in the first round. Parsons has a diverse skillset, is tall for his position, and could easily be a rotation player on a good team some day.

However, the Rockets have an intense glut at small forward. Terrence Williams is scratching at the door for somebody to let him get his 10 minutes of pity time. What will the Rockets do with Chandler Parsons?

Grade: That second pair of earphones you ordered online and have already forgot about. Nice to have around, but if it comes in handy you can bet that things have gone wrong.

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