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2011 NBA Draft Results: Marcus Morris Is Very, Very, Tough

The Rockets brought global scouting director Arturas Karnisovas to their draft conference, increasing speculation that they'd select Donatas Motiejunas. Before he could comment on that though, he was instead tasked with defending the pick of Marcus Morris. Did you know that Morris was tough? Lets count just how tough he was!

"We think he is a very talented power forward, scorer. He's tough inside and can score close to the basket and can take you outside," said Rockets director of global scouting Arturas Karnisovas. "He's just tough - a tough player that can also defend.

"We think ... his upside is as a three. I think we're going to try to play him at both positions. We absolutely have no problem with if he can defend.

"We always saw him as a versatile defender. He can defend the perimeter. At the same time, he doesn't shy away from contact inside. He was able to rebound. I think he's very versatile at both ends, very talented.

"What we like about him is obviously his toughness. ... He always wants to get better. We're looking forward to having him."

Just taking a wild stab here: I think the Rockets may think that Morris is tough.

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