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2011 NBA Draft Results: Motiejunas Pick Is Big Bet On Morey's Scouts

Everyone seems to know what the Rockets have in Marcus Morris: he doesn't fill a need position, but he's got a wide base of talents to use on both ends of the floor and should be able to contribute right away if the Rockets need him to. The Rockets other snag in the draft, forward/center Donatas Motiejunas, is a different story. Scouts will speak of his makeup problems and his low weight makes him seem like someone who isn't ready to bang inside. However, the Rockets projected him as a lottery type talent and were thrilled to trade up to grab him at No. 20. Here's what Daryl Morey and his lieutenants had to say about Motiejunas:

"We're thrilled to get Motiejunas - really upside, really mobile, somebody already very skilled offensively. Has a great low-post game. Has a perimeter offensive game as well and can move his feet really well on the defensive end."


"We're a team trying to re-establish our foundation," Morey said. "We think Motiejunas is a lottery-type talent."

It seems like they have a much higher opinion of Motiejunas' defense than most. The more I read about him, the more I keep imagining the name Mehmet Okur. Then I punch my monitor, because I hate Okur. But maybe having him on your team is different. 

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