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NBA Lockout: Owners Demands Unchanged, Posturing Sessions Surprisingly Lead Nowhere

After a solid week of meetings in-between NBA FInals games, since it would be too convenient to just play them all in a few days, the players and owners have emerged from the bargaining table. They came out of the sessions with a clear accord that will lead to a new CBA…no, wait, what actually happened was that absolutely nothing changed. NBAPA president Derek Fisher essentially said as much:

"There’s no hiding the fact that the main components of what we originally received in their proposal has not changed at all," said Lakers guard Derek Fisher, the president of the National Basketball Players Association….

"Our owners are thoroughly united in the need for change and also completely behind our various proposals as we seek to compromise with the players," Stern said Wednesday.

Welp, looks like this won’t be changing anytime soon. How will Americans function without two of the three major sports? My guess is we’ll all grow to love college football just a little bit more next season.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.