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Rockets Vs. Bobcats: Rockets Lead Bobcats 43-39 At Halftime

After a strong second quarter, in which the Houston Rockets outscored the Charlotte Bobcats by seven points, the Rockets have taken back the lead from the Bobcats. After the first half of play, Houston leads Charlotte by a score of 43-39 in Time Warner Cable Arena. The Rockets are looking to snap a four-game losing streak and extend the Bobcats' losing streak to four games.

The Rockets have been led by shooting guard Kevin Martin, who scored 13 points through the first two quarters. Samuel Dalembert and Chandler Parsons have both added six points, Luis Scola has added five and Kyle Lowry has scored two. Jordan Hill, Patrick Patterson and Chase Budinger came off the bench and combined for 11 points.

The Bobcats' bench has outscored their starters so far. They're led by center Byron Mullens, who came off the bench and scored 10 points, while D.J. White, Matt Carroll and Kemba Walker combined to add 13 points. Starters Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson each scored six points while D.J. Augustin and Boris Diaw each scored two.

For updates throughout the second half, check out the Rockets at The Dream Shake, and the Bobcats at Rufus On Fire.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.