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Rockets Vs. Spurs: Houston Avoids Offensive Letdown Late By Attacking Basket

On Thursday night, the Houston Rockets built a big lead only to lose it thanks to a seven point fourth quarter against the New Orleans Hornets. The Rockets eventually prevailed in overtime against the Hornets but found themselves in a similar situation Saturday night against the Spurs.

On Thursday, Houston aimlessly passed the ball around the perimeter and settled for long contested jump shots. In Saturday's game the Rockets attacked the basket particularly in pick and roll situation and the result was a 28 point fourth quarter and a 105-102 win.

"We started attacking a little bit more," coach Kevin McHale said. "Their bigs got out and started trying to play in space. Yesterday in practice I was telling the guard, ‘You have no idea how uncomfortable that big is out there five feet above the 3-point line trying to guard Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic. Attack them, attack them, attack them.' We did a better job turning the corner and attacking them.

"When they play that aggressively - their bigs were coming out and trying to really impact the ball - you got to blow by them. If one guy can't blow by them, by the time you swing it around you get the other guy more space to do it."

Its working for the Rockets who along with the Memphis Grizzlies have a league high six game winning streak.

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