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Courtney Lee Involved In A Serious Car Accident Sunday Morning

Rockets guard Courtney Lee was in a serious car accident on Sunday morning, but was not injured.

Houston Rockets shooting guard Courtney Lee confirmed to the press on Sunday that he was involved in a serious car accident early Sunday morning. Lee said no one in his vehicle were hurt, but that the driver of the other car was badly injured and was rushed to a hospital.

Lee sent out a text and a tweet to relay the information to the public about what happened. On what Lee witnessed from the other driver:

"The other driver ran a red light doing like 100 mph," Lee said via a text message on Sunday.

Lee on the aftermath and his feelings:

"Thanking God right now!!! Thanking Cadillac for airbags!! Without them I could have lost my life tonight and two others close to me."

No word has been released on whether Lee will actually miss any time, as the Rockets next game is on Monday night versus the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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