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Houston Rockets preseason 2012: Kevin McHale looks to pick up pace

The Houston Rockets play their last two preseason games this week and head coach Kevin McHale says he hopes the team picks up the pace from practices this week.


As to be expected with a team this young, the Houston Rockets have a roster full of guys looking to prove themselves in these last two preseason games before the regular season opens on Halloween against the Detroit Pistons.

But the Rockets aren't trying to slow things down with their talent evaluation. Head coach Kevin McHale said practices this week have lacked the quick pace he's been looking for, but the Rockets are hoping to find that on Wednesday at New Orleans and carry it over to Friday at Orlando.

The Rockets have established new plays, and how well they've taken in the information will be shown over the next few weeks. Chandler Parsons said he thinks the rotations this week will work more like the regular season, where starters play normal minutes.

McHale, Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Carlos Delfino have all been quoted saying the team's defense is better than it was weeks ago.

Here's a quote David Barron at the Houston Chronicle had from Parsons before the team left Tuesday for New Orleans:

"We're really communicating, getting back in transition, understanding who is going to the offensive glass and who isn't. We've benefited from this last week."

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