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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Kevin Martin Deserves Some Love

The emergence of the Houston Rockets has been well documented thus far this season. While there are still some obvious questions as to whether Kevin McHale can keep his young Rockets in contention, there's no doubt that there are some real building blocks on this roster. Luis Scola has proven himself to be in the upper-echelon of power forwards in the NBA and Kyle Lowry near triple-double's every night (as highlighted in Tom Ziller's Power Rankings) almost dethroned an All-Star lifer like Steve Nash in making the marquee game in Orlando.

But what about Kevin Martin?

Last season was the first in five seasons that Kevin Martin was able to stay healthy for virtually (80 of 82 games) an entire season. While Martin's scoring averages are down (primarily due to his decline in getting to the foul line) one must remember that at this stage in his career he's the closest thing to a seasoned veteran the Rockets have. Moreover, its a bit of a head scratcher that a player like Joe Johnson can continually make All-Star teams while a player like Martin, who has virtually identical stats as Johnson, can't sniff an All-Star roster.

Can Martin at least get an invite to the Three-Point shootout on All-Star Saturday night? Good grief.

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