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Houston Rockets: Can't Figure This Team Out

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Looks like we've been fooled, or at least I was. I thought this team had turned the corner, finally figured out a way to get stops on the defensive end, found a way to score in late-game situations, and was a lock to make the playoffs; I was wrong. They've given up 108 points per game in their last 3 losses, and have been very inconsistent offensively from half to half. At home they seem to always get off to a slow start, even in a blowout win vs. the Wizards, they only scored 17 points in the 1st quarter. On the road, their offense falls apart in the 2nd half and they just look completely lost; they scored just 39 points in the 2nd half last night after scoring 52 in the 1st half.


On defense, it's the same story. They just don't have the players or more often the effort to get stops when they have to have them. Against Minnesota on Monday, it was Michael Beasley going off for 34 points (averages 14 ppg) and just abusing Chase Budinger. Last night against the Spurs, it was Tim Duncan finding the fountain of youth and shooting 9-12 for 25 points (averages 13 ppg). It's not just that they're giving up points, they're giving up career days to aging or average players. On top of that, it's most often to the same play over and over again. Last night it was the pick and roll with Tony Paker. Against Beasley, he was left wide open for 18 foot jumpers all night long. It's frustrating to watch this team.


Maybe that's just who this team is, inconsistent. They're going to suprise you on some nights and disappoint you on others. Some nights they'll score 110, others they'll bounce the ball off their foot all night. They'll still be fun to watch and I think they'll make the playoffs, but they'll be a quick out.

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