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NBA Trade Rumors Start Heating Up For Houston Rockets

Amidst Chris Broussard's talk about what's going on with the Lakers, there's word that Houston and L.A. may be a match for something they desperately need.


That would be a point guard. Houston wouldn't trade Lowry, according to Broussard, but may be willing to move Dragon or Jonny Flynn. I'm not sure either would be enough to bring in Pau Gasol, but if there's one part of this that the Lakers would want, it could lay the framework for a bigger deal.


Thinking about moving Dragic makes the whole Lin phenomenon even more bittersweet, doesn't it? I mean, there's no blaming the Rockets for what they had (except for the borderline indefensible Flynn experiment), but if they do trade a backup, it becomes less and less defensible.


Are things melting down enough in L.A. for the Lakers to trade Gasol for 50 cents on the dollar? I'm sure Daryl Morey will be calling and calling just to make sure.

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