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NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Martin Says Mention Of His Unhappiness Is 'Inappropriate'

Kevin Martin says he and the Houston Rockets make a happy pair. Unfortunately, rumors to the contrary are swirling and have the Rockets possibly looking to ship their star guard.

Specifically, Martin went on record about this report saying he was unhappy. Martin, who is averaging 18 points per game this season, says that’s just not true. Not only this, but it’s damaging to the team.

“I think it’s an inappropriate article,” Martin told the Houston Chronicle. “A writer must be starving for attention. He’s not going to bring a distraction around our team. I’m the team’s leading scorer, and we’re in the playoff hunt. I don’t understand how I could not be happy about that. Basically, he’s just making it up. Individually and team-wise, we’re doing pretty well.”

For now the Rockets are doing well and should not look to break anything up unless the deal is too good to pass on. They are 20-14 and an unexpected third place in the Southwest. If the team starts to slip or someone really wants Martin in a deal, things could change. For now, don’t believe everything you read.

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