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Walter Football Redrafts The 2012 NBA Draft

Funny that a site with "football" in its title would be doing something like an NBA redraft of the 2012 lottery. But, that's exactly what they did. It's an interesting read, both for the fact that the top two players didn't change much and that the bottom of the draft changed quite a bit.

Take Houston, for example. The guys picking here gave Houston Chandler Parsons with their first pick instead of Marcus Morris. Since Parsons has easily made a much bigger impact than Morris has on this roster, it's not surprising. For the record, too, they do have Morris going in the first round, just to Boston much later than Houston drafted him.

I'm okay with the way Houston picked, though. The draft is a bit of a crap shoot outside the top players. There was once a time when teams could grab international players late in the draft for great value. That time has passed now, though, as it's harder to find value later on.

However, Daryl Morey has proven to be very good at adding at least one player a year at some point in the draft that will become a contributor and possibly a starter. Chase Budinger, Carl Landry, Aaron Brooks, Patrick Patterson...Morey is able to add a contributor a year, which is a pretty good track record. So, if guys like Marcus Morris fail to pan out, at least he got Parsons later on. That's all that matters, right?

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.