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NBA Trade Deadline: Reactions On Houston's Deals Positive

Nothing too flashy, mind you, but in general the reviews of Daryl Morey's trade deadline work was positive. It helps that no true superstar got moved to any team, so the bar was set pretty low. Still, let's run through some reactions around the web. This first one is from Tom Martin over at The Dream Shake:

The Rockets knew that if they got anything back for impending free agents Jordan Hill, Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet, that'd be a victory in itself. Not only did Houston pick up a first rounder for Hill — they also added a temporary solution at backup point guard while Kyle Lowry heals up. ... In addition to dropping one 09er, Morey swung a winner by selling Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet'sexpiring deals to Portland in exchange for aging center Marcus Camby.

This comes from a summary post of John Hollinger's reaction column over at ESPN done by Hoops Rumors:

Hollinger praises the Blazers' rebuilding effort in the Gerald Wallace trade, although he has reservations about the players they got back from Houston for Marcus Camby.

Hollinger likes the Rockets' acquisition of Camby as a short-term pick-up to help them make a playoff run.

Yeah, you generally don't sell a player for two guys who never see the light of playing time and NOT get mocked a little. If Portland thinks that Flynn and Thabeet are part of a rebuilding effort, they're in for a rude awakening.

Meanwhile, here's the GMs reaction to the Camby addition, per Jonathan Feigen:

"We’re very, very excited to add Marcus Camby," Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said. "Shoring up our rotation for the stretch run and the playoffs was important to us. Marcus is a player who people are familiar with but might not know how effective he still is. One of the top rebounders in the league, defensive rebounding at an elite level. When he plays, he anchors a very strong defense for Portland. We think he’ll add to our ability to win games."

Feigen goes on to mention that Houston may sign former Raptors guard Anthony Carter and buy Fisher out. He adds that Houston was in on the Gerald Wallace deal, but couldn't get it done and that they checked on Andrew Bogut, but that Milwaukee chose Golden State's deal over theirs.

Oh, and the biggest news? Houston was in "intense talks" about Dwight Howard, only to have that shut down when he signed his deal to opt-in for the rest of his contract. Oh, well...

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