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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Rockets Land At No. 17

The Houston Rockets are in the lesser half of the latest NBA Power Rankings from SB Nation's Tom Ziller. But the good news is that the team is getting hot at the right time and can move up in the Western Conference standings very easily in the next few weeks if they keep it up. Currently, they're contending with the Denver Nuggets in the middle of the pack in both rankings, so it should be interesting to watch Kevin McHale's crew move forward. Ziller writes:

Given how set on the playoffs the Rockets' front office and coach Kevin McHale have been, it'd be too bad for untimely illness to Kyle Lowry and a bizarre little Kevin Martin subplot ruined the run. This team is a bit mystical in its creation, and just weird enough to be something to look forward to seeing in May.

Ziller is right that it has been an interesting to season, to say the least, for Houston, but anything is possible come playof time. The talent is here to surprise. The question is whether they can string something together.

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