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Goran Dragic Injury: Point Guard Vows To Play Against Magic

Dragic takes to Twitter to vow he's going to play against Mavs Tuesday.

That's as of last night, after the feisty Rockets point guard Goran Dragic rolled his ankle in the waning minute of an overtime victory against Sacramento. Luckily, Houston has just signed Earl Boykins minutes beforehand, who came in and hit some clutch free throws to lead Houston to a victory.

At the time, it looked like Dragon would miss tonight's game against the Mavs for sure. Not so, according to the man himself:


Is that unfinished business part of the loss on Saturday night? After all, Dragic was in position to make a play at the end of the game, lost the ball a bit and had to make a difficult pass to Budinger in the corner. Bud missed the 3-pointer which would have won the game. I certainly don't blame Dragic, but I bet he wishes he could get them back.

Will be interesting to see how much he plays tonight. The Rockets may be cautious with him, since any significant injury could lead to Boykins and Courtney Fortson being the only two PGs on the roster for a time. That's kind of a scary thought...

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