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NBA Standings 2012: After Losing Two Straight, Houston Falls To 7th In Western Conference

The NBA's Western Conference has always been a blood bath of sorts, as the plethora of teams loaded with talent take turns bludgeoning each other until the 82 game schedule comes to an end. In this particular season, where 66 games is the forte, the circumstances haven't changed. From the 3rd place Los Angeles Clippers to the 11th place Utah Jazz, the separation is only 5 games in the standings.

So where do the Houston Rockets fit in? Currently, they sit in seventh place after dropping two in a row to the Jazz and Denver Nuggets and are in the discussion of possible personnel movement. Could Kevin Martin be traded? Could Pau Gasol still be a realistic possibility? What about making a play for Dwight Howard?

Kevin McHale and Daryl Morey have to try and win now while planning for the future. Making the playoffs could give a big boost of confidence to the fans and the young players on the team, but is making a run this season worth sacrificing personnel? The trade deadline is less than two weeks away, so we will all find out soon enough.

Western Standings

Oklahoma City Thunder 37 29-8 .784
San Antonio Spurs 36 25-11 .694
Los Angeles Clippers 34 21-13 .618
Los Angeles Lakers 36 22-14 .611
Memphis Grizzlies 37 22-15 .595
Dallas Mavericks 38 22-16 .579
Houston Rockets 37 21-16 .568
Denver Nuggets 37 20-17 .541
Minnesota Timberwolves 38 19-19 .500
Portland Trail Blazers 37 18-19 .486
Utah Jazz 36 17-19 .472
Phoenix Suns 36 16-20 .444
Golden State Warriors 33 14-19 .424
Sacramento Kings 36 12-24 .333
New Orleans Hornets 37 9-28 .243

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.