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Kyle Lowry Injury: Houston Guard Tweets He's Out 'For A While'

The Houston Rockets have yet to give a complete injury report on guard Kyle Lowry, but Lowry himself has been quite foreboding on Twitter. After apparently injuring his ankle and playing only 24 minutes in the Rockets' fifth consecutive loss on Wednesday, Lowry himself gave a status update via Twitter.

First, a more ambiguous report:

And then roughly 7-8 hours later, a Tweet that seemed to signify he's out for the foreseeable future:

How bad is this for a Houston team that's sunk straight out of the Western Conference playoff race? Pretty darn bad, predicts Rockets blog The Dream Shake:

If the Rockets continue to lose games without Lowry and fall out of the playoff picture, you have to think that a third straight year of mediocrity would signal widespread change. That's what we're dealing with here. This injury alone, pending knowledge of its severity, could determine Houston's direction for the future. But before I get ahead of myself, I'll wait for some confirmation. Updates will follow.

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