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Rockets vs. Suns Score Update: Trail 81-69

Suns started the 3rd on 14-6 run and it didn't get any better as they outscored the Rockets 30-14 in the quarter. The effort is starting to look similar to the Jazz game; too bad there's only 5 fans in attendance who care that the season is slipping away. What looked like a lock 3 days ago, the Rockets playoff chances are in serious trouble; a loss tonight would put them on the wrong side of the tiebreaker vs. the Suns and Jazz.

The Suns outplayed the Rockets during the 3rd quarter with classic Suns basketball; great ball movement leading to wide open shots. Gortat was a big part of that, he hit most of his shots and seemed to give more effort than every big on the court for the Rockets.

On the Rockets end, Dragic picked up his 4th foul during the quarter adding to his off night. So far Dragic is just 2 of 6, 0 for 3 on 3's. As a team, the Rockets have shot just 2-13 from 3, shot 4-20 in their last game.

Summing up the quarter perfectly was a play where Patterson lost his shoe, seemed to take his time to get it back on, and the Suns hit a 3-pointer while playing 5 on 4 basketball. 12 minutes left to save their season.

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