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2012 NBA Western Conference Standings Update

It's not looking good for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are currently on the outside of the playoff picture, and they need to climb past the Phoenix Suns, who currently hold the No. 8 seed, and the Utah Jazz.

The Rockets have just three games left to climb past both Phoenix and Utah. The Rockets host Golden State on Saturday before headed to Miami on Sunday night. Houston's regular season will then close out against the New Orleans Hornets on Thursday, at home in Houston.

Phoenix also has three games remaining. The Suns host Denver on Saturday before taking on the Jazz in Utah on Tuesday. The Suns end their regular season against the Spurs on Wednesday.

Houston will need both teams to go 1-2 or worse, while winning all three remaining games. It is impossible for both Phoenix and Utah to go 0-3 since they play each other on Tuesday night.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.