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NBA Power Rankings: Rockets Are Out Of Sight

The Houston Rockets finished coughing up the season on Sunday against the Miami Heat, even after leading by 13 points in the first half. Of course, that loss eliminated the Rockets from any hopes of playoff contention for the third straight season. Not only that, but all of a sudden Houston is nowhere to be found in the SB Nation NBA Power Rankings.

Simply put, the Rockets are not an NBA power. Two weeks ago, they were an overachieving group with mediocre talent. The latest struggles in Houston have certainly put the team in its place, as disappointing as it may be for the fans.

But hey, the San Antonio Spurs are at the top of the Western Conference, the NBA Power Rankings and one of the favorites to win it all by some league experts. That's not really consolation, probably more frustrating than anything. But it's as if the Rockets had a chance to leave their own mark on the season, and, well, they did.

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