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Houston Rockets: How Close Were They To Landing Dwight Howard

The story might surprise you, but the theme shouldn't. A recent story came out on Clutch Fans that the Rockets were very, very close to landing Dwight Howard back in March. Rockets fans who don't like the job that GM Daryl Morey has done point to his failure to land a superstar via trade, while his supporters argue that he's tried but either the player didn't want to play in Houston or David Stern killed the deal. As it turns out, the evidence shows they're both right.

In the article from Clutchfans, it reminds us of the trades that Morey almost pulled off for Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams, and now we find out how close they were to landing Dwight Howard. As it turns out, the Rockets were very close to a deal with the Magic, and had Howard not changed his mind on his opt-out clause; he would have been wearing a Houston Rockets jersey the day after the deadline. The article speculates that Howard made this decision because under the new CBA, he would have lost his chance to make max money with a future team. Howard would either have to take max money with the Rockets, or take less money from another team.

The Rockets have trade assets and they have cap space, so this should be an interesting off-season. I personally think Morey has done a good, but not great job. He's done a good job in the draft (especially the 2nd round), he's done a good job in other trades (Scola, Dragic), but the pressure is on and his seat is starting to get hot. Ultimately it takes two to make a deal, and so far superstars simply haven't wanted to come to Houston.

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