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Houston Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale: 'It Was A Disjointed Season'

Houston Rockets fans will never forget the collapse of 2011-12, which followed a labor dispute between the NBA and the Player's Association and led to a shortened season. It was even shorter, however, than the Rockets could have anticipated a month ago when they appeared to be in control of the seventh seed in the Western Conference.

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale spent some time discussing training camp with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers' front office staff earlier in the week, since the Rockets will spend some time there before the upcoming season begins.

McHale spoke with The Monitor about "disjointed season."

"There was no training camp to speak of, but that was for every team in the league. I think the teams that had continuity really had a huge advantage. It was a compressed season. There wasn't as much practice time as you would like. We were getting to know each other on the fly. ... It seemed like we'd catch a little flow and then lose a little flow. Our margin of error wasn't huge. It wasn't like we were one of the top five most talented teams in the league to where we could step out there. We had to have a lot of breaks go our way. It was kind of a funky year."

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