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Houston Rockets Draft: Ziller Predicts Perry Jones III

After a 3rd consecutive non-playoff season, the Rockets will be drafting in the lottery once again. With multiple draft picks in their possession, they'll probably look to move up the board, but no matter where they draft; they'll be looking for a big man. The Rockets haven't had a two-way center who could both defend and score at his position since Yao Ming went down for good during the 2009 playoffs, so the need is obvious, but the question remains if there will be a quality big still available at their pick.

As I've mentioned in previous articles, I'd like to see the Rockets draft Tyler Zeller from North Carolina, but Tom Ziller of SB Nation has him being selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 12th pick. With a half-dozen big men already gone, Ziller has the Rockets selecting a talented big that many project to go in the top 10; Perry Jones III of Baylor. With PJ3, the Rockets get a 6-11 power forward (I know, another power forward), who is extremely athletic, has a good jump shot, runs the floor well, and blocks shots well with his huge wingspan. His weaknesses; his post game is under-developed as he sometimes prefers to face up his defender for a jump shot, not an enthusiastic rebounder, and some question his drive and passion for the game.

PJ3 has the talent of a top 3 player, but a lot of risk comes along with taking him. He could make you look like a genius, but there is a chance his motivation will fade when he gets his first paycheck. However, at pick 14, you can't be picky. A player with PJ3's talent being available this late is rare and the Rockets can't pass on taking him. Some Rockets fans have clamored for them to tank for a high pick, so if they get lucky enough to have an elite level talent still available; they have to take him. It would create a log jam with Luis Scola, Marcus Morris, and Patrick Patterson already on the roster, but it'll be up to Morey to trade one or two of those guys for other needs.

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