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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Austin Rivers, Moe Harkless And Arnett Moultrie Among Houston Rockets Selections

The latest NBA Mock Draft at HOOPSWORLD has four writers who have the Houston Rockets selecting three different players. Those draft prospects are: Austin Rivers, Moe Harkless and Arnett Moultrie .

What's without doubt is the urgency in which the Rockets need a post player who can make an impact on the interior. Outside of Luis Scola, who is a serviceable 6 foot 9 inch power forward, there is a lot of uncertainty in the positions for Houston, with Samuel Dalembert and Marcus Camby obviously not being their long term solutions.

Alex Raskin had this to say about Moultrie and former Baylor Bears center Perry Jones III:

Keep an eye on Mississippi State's Arnett Moultrie and Baylor's Perry Jones. Both are 6-11 and have the ability to play away from the hoop. But whereas Jones was a top lottery projection for the better part of two years, Moultrie has been seen as more of a project and hasn't received much attention until recently. Now, however, things are changing and there's a real chance that Moultrie gets picked ahead of Jones. One warning sign on Moultrie: He sat out of drills at the combine.

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