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Goran Dragic Prefers To Stay A Houston Rocket, Wants To Be A Starter

Houston Rockets guard Goran Dragic is set to become a free agent this off season, and he has some decisions that he needs to make. Dragic has been in the NBA for five years and has had some success during that time, and his most recent season with the Rockets was his best in his career where he averaged 11.7 points per game as well as starting 28 games.

Dragic said that he wants to stay in Houston but he also wants to be a starter in the NBA:

Dragic told Sporting News that his preference is to stay in Houston, and the Rockets would like to keep him. "That is what I would want to have," Dragic said. "I really like the Rockets, it is a great organization. I really liked playing for Kevin McHale. He's a great coach, great guy. He was a player so he has had a lot of experience. He helped a lot with me this season, taught me how to run a team. I hope that in the future, I am still going to be with him."


"Definitely, I want to be a starter in the NBA," Dragic said. "I think I showed I can do it. I am really happy I got the opportunity to show what I can do and that I belong here. Still, you know, hopefully next year I am going to run the team. I know I can be a first point guard - it is something I can do."

Dragic played with the Phoenix Suns prior to joining the Rockets and could end up back there if Steve Nash leaves Phoenix and that could open up a starting spot for Dragic.

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