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Deron Williams Trade Rumors: Nets PG Unlikely To Add RocketsTo Wish List

The Houston Rockets appear to be gearing up to attempt to acquire superstar Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. If they should be able to make the trade, they might have been hoping to lure New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams, who is rumored to be considering only the Nets and the Dallas Mavericks as potential teams to land with next season.

Sam Amick reports that the Rockets will be unlikely to draw Williams' attention even if they should land Howard.

Source close to Brooklyn PG Deron Williams says Houston not likely to be added to his free agency wish list even if the Rockets get Dwight Howard. Williams is focused on the Nets or Dallas, his hometown team. If Williams felt differently and headed for Houston, and Howard signed the extension that no one thinks he'd ever sign, I'm guessing Rockets GM Daryl Morey would then be given a 27-year extension of his own.

If the Rockets end up with Howard, they will probably not be too concerned about missing out on Williams.

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