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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: If Rockets Can't Close Deal, The Lakers Might, According To Report

Dwight Howard's name is looming large at Thursday's 2012 NBA Draft, with the Houston Rockets the most talked-about destination. The Rockets are working to pair picks and move up to the Top 5 and land talent that might potentially be traded to Orlando for Howard. However, Fox Sports' Sam Amico is reporting that if Houston doesn't close a deal for Howard by Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers are the next logical suitor for Howard:

Source close to situation says if Dwight Howard isn't dealt to Rockets today or tomorrow, Lakers fans may have reason to get excited. "Rockets are exhausting resources. If it's not enough, (Lakers) will likely move in within the next few weeks."

One easy way to predict if the Rockets can land Howard? If Houston can't land a Top 5 pick, it's likely Howard's fate will lie elsewhere.

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