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Rockets Selection of Terrence Jones Raises Questions

Overall, I think Terrence Jones will be a good but not great NBA player. Jones is a great athlete who like Royce White can do a little bit of everything but doesn't do anything really well and doesn't have a natural position. The Kentucky product isn't a great shooter but he can score in different ways. Jones is great in transition, has a little bit of a post game, and has a decent mid-range jumper off the dribble. I don't see Jones scoring any more than 12-14 points per game in the NBA, but should be a very solid role player. Where Jones has the potential to be great is on the defensive end. Jones is extremely athletic, has great length (7-2 wingspan), and if coached up, has the potential to be a lock-down defender.

There are valid concerns about Jones' attitude and effort, but my biggest concern is where he'll fit on the Rockets. Some scouts think he can play power forward, but I don't see it. Jones has good size and length, and could probably bulk up a little more, but he just doesn't have the game of a power forward. If played at the 4, his athleticism would create match-up problems on offense, but I don't think he's built for post play on either end. If he is a small forward like I think he's most suited to play; the Rockets have a serious log jam problem. After tonight the Rockets have Lamb/Lee/Martin at shooting guard and Parsons/White/Jones at small forward; 6 guys for two spots. In my opinion, this isn't Morey's final plan, he has a trade(s) in mind. There's no way he goes into this season with all 6 of those players on the roster.

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