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2012 NBA Draft Reaction: SB Nation Grades Houston Rockets

The Rockets didn't end draft day with Dwight Howard, most definitely the player they coveted in this process. But they players Houston did pick up in Thursday night's NBA Draft are solid prospects in Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terence Jones.

They do however, resemble players the Rockets already have - ones who have a certain ceiling, that of which won't be a major factor in turning the team into a Western Conference juggernaut.

SB Nation's NBA editor Tom Ziller gave the Rockets an "A" in his Western Conference Draft grades, and here's why:

All the talk around Houston was that Daryl Morey had been pushing to get up around No. 5 or No. 7 to pick up Andre Drummond. None of it panned out as Sacramento and Golden State benefited from top prospects falling into their laps. Instead, he stayed where he was and picked up three blue-chip players at three positions. His roster still lacks a center, but all three players he picked will hold their value for at least a year, you'd think, so Morey has plenty of time swing for the fences. Budinger for Terrence Jones is criminal larceny.

The key point there is that Houston still doesn't have a center, which is what they clearly wanted and most certainly need. You'll hear Houston-native and SB Nation's Bomani Jones on why he sees the Rockets as losers in this draft in the video below.

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