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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Targeting Centers In Free Agency

The Rockets passed on all options to take a center in the NBA Draft on Thursday night, despite having three first round picks with a handful of big guys available. Instead, they took Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terence Jones.

A lot of fans are wondering why Houston didn't take Tyler Zeller, or at least someone closer to 7-feet tall. The answer is the Rockets believe in taking best available players in drafts as opposed to necessarily filling a specific need at a position.

Jonathan Feigen addressed this point during his post-draft live chat on Friday afternoon:

They liked Zeller. They loved the guys they got. They strongly believe it is wiser to take the better player than the better fit. Fit changes, usually several times before a young player develops.

Rumor has it that Houston will target Omer Asik in free agency and possibly look to keep Marcus Camby around.

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