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Rockets Trade Rumors: Houston Could Offer Appealing Package For Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has reportedly asked Orlando to trade him to the Nets but Brooklyn may lack the assets to make a trade happen. The Rockets are still interested and reports indicate that the Lakers and Magic have made contact once again for a potential Howard-Andrew Bynum swap.

Still the Rockets may be the only team that is willing to deal for Howard without the assurance that he will agree to an extension next offseason. If the Rockets are willing to swallow some salary and offer up a combination of young players along with Kyle Lowry then they may have the best package out there for the Magic. Its doubtful that the Lakers will agree to any such deal without an assurance that they will be able to re-sign Howard at the end of the season.

The Nets have long been thought as a frontrunner for Howard but maybe finally realizing that they don't have the pieces that Orlando is looking for to make a deal. Brooklyn has been active in trade discussions with Houston for Luis Scola and Atlanta for Joe Johnson.

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