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NBA Free Agency 2012: Rockets Offer To Omer Asik Will Make It Difficult For Bulls To Match

Earlier on Sunday night, the Houston Rockets agreed to terms with Chicago Bulls restricted free agent center Omer Asik. The deal is a three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet for Asik to sign on July 11. Being a restricted free agent the Bulls can match the offer up until three days after Asik signs, but the Rockets set up the contract to make it difficult for the Bulls to match.

The Rockets deal is to pay Asik $5 million for the first two years and the third and final year will be slightly over $15 million. That third year is going to be the real issue, because the Bulls will have to pay Carlos Boozer $16.8 million and Derrick Rose will be owed $18.9 million during that same year.

The Bulls are not a team that likes to be in the luxury tax, and if they match the Rockets offer that is something that the Bulls would have to worry about if they decide to match the offer.

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