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NBA Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic Suspending Dwight Howard Trade Talks

The Dwight Howard saga just won't quite end.

While the Brooklyn Nets can now be ruled out as a destination this coming year for the big man, the picture isn't any more clearer or focused than it was 24 hours ago.

This, of course, is good news for the Houston Rockets and Rockets fans, as the Rockets have said to be one of the teams with interest in acquiring Howard, along with the Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks and aforementioned Nets.

Unfortunately for those teams, the Magic are suspending all Dwight Howard trade talks for the moment, while they turn their attention to finding a new head coach.

Nobody will blame the Magic for this, and the head coach should have some sort of say in what type of deal is accepted, as a Howard trade will shape the future of the franchise in Orlando.

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