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Randy Harvey Prefers Dwight Howard Over Andrew Bynum

The Houston Chronicle recently did a poll asking Rockets fans if they'd prefer Magic center Dwight Howard or Lakers center Andrew Bynum come to Houston. About two-thirds of fans picked Bynum, but Chronicle columnist Randy Harvey would go with Howard.

His reasoning:

I prefer Howard, if he would agree to stay more than one season in Houston. I'd be worried about his back, but Bynum has had only one healthy season because of his knees.

And as immature as Howard has acted in recent months, he's a rock compared to Bynum.

When it comes to maturity, there really isn't a winner in this case. Both have had their issues, but Howard's have been more public because he's the No. 1 star on his team.

The issue with Harvey's choice is that retaining Howard for more than one season seems like a longshot if a deal is made. But that's a risk the Rockets might be willing to take.

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