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Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets Rumors: With No Guarantee Of A Long Term Deal, Is The Trade Worth It?

We'll post this question to you, the loyal readers: While it appears that Dwight Howard's chances of landing with the Houston Rockets have improved dramatically with Friday morning's news that Daryl Morey has gone all-in to get the disgruntled Orlando Magic center, it seems he's working a blockbuster deal with no net.

Howard has previously stated that he was not interested in signing a long term deal with any trade partner of Orlando's, with the exception of the Brooklyn Nets, whose multiple attempts at a trade fell through. That means that while Howard could wear a Rockets uniform, it might be for a roster-sized bounty, and last only one season. Here's a refresher, courtesy of ESPN, of the stakes:

The Rockets, meanwhile, continue to ignore the strong signals that Howard refuses to commit to Houston long-term and will threaten instead to just play out next season and head to free agency in July 2013 if Morey does manage to complete a trade for him.

It's been an open secret around the league for months that the Rockets are willing to trade for a player of Howard's or Bynum's caliber with no assurance that either one will sign an extension before becoming a free agent in 2013. Houston's posture, sources said, remains one of confidence that any top-20 player it can acquire will be convinced to stay once he becomes part of the organization.

With what amounts to be an entire Draft and close to most of the existing roster being either traded or purged for Howard, is the price too steep for any possible chance that Howard would leave the Rockets as an unrestricted free agent in 2013? Let us know your thoughts.

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