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Jeremy Lin's Emotions After Knicks' Raymond Felton Move Evidence He Wasn't Serious About Rockets

The matter of Jeremy Lin's real interest in heading anywhere other than back "home" to the New York Knicks, the franchise he became a superstar with in early 2012, always seemed nil.

Speculation has run rampant that Lin only met with Rockets G.M. Daryl Worley to establish a market price as a restricted free agent so that the Knicks could match the sheet, and it's possible the Rockets knew that all along, simply aiding the Knicks in the process, while Houston's real focus was on landing Dwight Howard at any cost.

Now Lin and Houston might be stuck together, and given the manner in which Lin apparently reacted to the news of the Knicks acquiring Ray Felton in a sign-and-trade with Portland, there's more evidence he was never serious about returning to the Rockets.From Marcus Spears' piece at Yahoo:

"He did not see this happening," Peter Diepenbrock, Lin's coach at Palo Alto High School, told Yahoo! Sports. "He sounded surprised."

"He loves the New York fans," Diepenbrock said. "To have the experience that he had for the two months and for that to be over with, that’s quite a shock to the system. I think he really believed the Knicks would match whatever offer he got."

....and in case you've got any doubt left....

"This is a crazy, crazy world," Diepenbrock said. "I can't see him as a Rocket."

Welcome to Houston, Linsanity! WE SO EXCITED.

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