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Jeremy Lin Offer Sheet From Rockets Called 'Ridiculous' By Carmelo Anthony

While Jeremy Lin is said to be upset about the news of the New York Knicks acquiring Raymond Felton (and thus likely not matching Lin's offer sheet from the Houston Rockets), Lin's pal Carmello Anthony doesn't seem too torn up, giving some suspect quotes to the AP while at Team USA's practice in D.C. this weekend:

"Asked if he could envision Lin being with the Knicks next season, Anthony said: "At this point there's a lot going on. I stay away from that part right now. I would love to see him back, but I think he has to do what's best for him right now."

"It's not up to me," Anthony said with a laugh. "It's up to the organization to say they want to match that ridiculous contract that's out there."

Elsewhere in the report, Anthony said he's excited about the potential Felton brings to the Knicks. Just for your own reference, Lin averaged 17.9 points a game during his "Linsanity" phase that took over New York and the national sports media at large, while Felton averaged 17.1 on his previous run with the Knicks (he was in the trade for Anthony) and none of the spotlight.

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