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Isiah Thomas Was Not Sold On Knicks Matching Jeremy Lin's Offer; Rockets Now Know They Made A Good Move

Former New York Knicks head coach and team president for some reason is still a voice that owner James Dolan relies on even though Thomas is no longer with the team, and was not productive when running it. The latest about Thomas and the Knicks surrounded Jeremy Lin, and Thomas did not think Lin was worth being paid $25 million to be a point guard:

Most tellingly, perhaps, Isiah Thomas is close to Dolan, Wesley, Grunwald, Woodson and others with the Knicks, according to sources. The former Knicks president and coach is still a very influential voice in Dolan's ear, and those behind the scenes say he is lukewarm toward Lin.

With Thomas' history of bad decisions as the Knicks coach and team president, and hearing that Lin was not worth that amount probably means that Lin will out perform his contract and be a multi-year All-Star while playing for the Rockets.

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