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Yao Ming 'Glad' Jeremy Lin Signed With The Houston Rockets

Linsanity will officially invade Houston this coming fall, when Jeremy Lin suits up as a member of the Houston Rockets for the first time. The Rockets and Rockets fans are no stranger to Asian superstars, as Yao Ming helped pave the way for other Asian basketball players.

Over time, Lin and Yao developed a friendship. Yao maintains that he did not play a role in Lin's decision to head to Houston, but he's pleased with the outcome.

"Only he knew what he needed most," Yao said in a telephone interview from China. "He had to make the decision on his own. I didn't want to affect him too much."

"I'm so glad the Knicks didn't match the contract," Yao said. "Houston is a good place for Jeremy to come to. It's a good fit because both sides can provide the best opportunity for each other."

Yao recalled that the environment in a smaller market helped make him a better player.

Houston is certainly a much smaller market than New York. If the smaller environment helps Lin succeed like it did Yao, the Rockets will likely be very pleased with their addition of Lin.

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