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Goran Dragic Leaves Houston Rockets For Phoenix Suns

While the Houston Rockets are rumored to be wooing Jeremy Lin, as expected, they've lost pricey point guard Goran Dragic to the Phoenix Suns. Dragic has pledged to sign an estimated $34 million deal over four years, according to ESPN.

Dragic will replace Steve Nash, who was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday. Dragic rose to prominence for Houston after Kyle Lowry went down with an injury, and he'll return to Phoenix, where he backed up Nash before being traded to Houston in 2011.

Houston and Dragic were considered to be apart on two major issues - first, a deal that would pay Dragic a minimum of $10 million a season, and also the guarantee of a starting role. Without an agreement yet in place with Lin, this leaves the Rockets with just Lowry, who has two years remaining on his deal.

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