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Has Daryl Morey 'Outsmarted' Himself?

The Houston Rockets have been the busiest team in the NBA this offseason, wheeling and dealing around Draft time and continuing that activity into the free agency period this month. Rockets' GM Daryl Morey is one of the more well-respected front office decision-makers in the league, but he's taking some heat this offseason for a series of aggressive maneuvers that have generally not improved Houston -- or at least left them a far cry from contention.

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp penned an excellent piece looking into Morey's 2012 offseason, and he thinks the "genius" GM has outsmarted himself and left the Rockets in a state of no-man's land -- not contenders, but not bad enough to bottom out and rebuild with a franchise piece. More from Sharp:

Morey IS smarter than most of his peers, but he's been too smart for his own good. He hasn't been able to divorce himself from all the little moves that get you an extra two wins long enough to let Houston rebuild and maybe get an extra 20 wins. So while he's continued adding helpful pieces every season and making shrewd deals and generally being the opposite of Bryan Colangelo, the Rockets have finished above .500 for the past three years, but missed the playoffs each season. No man's land.

It's a great feature that's well worth your time. You can read the entire article here.

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