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Bulls Teammate Taj Gibson Says Omer Asik Deserves Offer Given By Rockets

There are some that believe that Omer Asik doesn't deserve it. Others say that you must pay the man. Now, one of his peers spoke up and voiced his own opinion. On Friday afternoon, Taj Gibson was asked about the offer that his Chicago Bulls teammate Asik received from the Houston Rockets for close to $25 million over three years.

Gibson says he wasn't surprised by the offer and that Asik deserves it.

"I think it's great for Omer, I think he deserved it. Any time you get a center, a legit 7'1 center, that can block shots, rebound, and finish around the rim at times, it's great. You don't really need him to do much, but when he does those three things very well ... I'm not surprised (at the offer)." -- Taj Gibson

Gibson noted that he would like to see the Bulls re-sign Asik, but the sentiment by Bulls fans is that they don't want to spend that much money on a backup big man. WIth Houston, the Rockets would likely have their starting center ready to play. The Bulls have until July 11 to match the offer-sheet sent out by the Rockets.

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