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Rockets May Try To Work Out A Sign And Trade With Marcus Camby

Free agent center Marcus Camby had his sights set on heading down to South Beach to play with the Miami Heat, and accept their mid-level exception which would pay him $3.1 million per year. Well, that exception is no longer available as the Heat used it to bring in guard Ray Allen.

Now, Camby and the Rockets are looking to do a sign-and-trade with the Heat or possibly even the New York Knicks. Camby is wanting to go this direction to see if he can get a similar salary to the mid-level exception.

The Rockets also have made it clear that they do not want a stop-gap player in return, but would want a combination of draft picks or young talent. If the Rockets deal with the Heat they are looking to acquire Norris Cole and a future first-round draft pick as the framework for the deal. The Heat have their first-round pick and the Philadelphia 76ers first-round pick as well to work with.

If Camby goes to the Knicks, the Rockets are could get Toney Douglas and his $2 million expiring contract and then either center Josh Harrellson or Dan Gadzuric who has a non-guaranteed contract.

Camby is also reportedly interested in the Brooklyn Nets and the two could meet within the next few days.

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