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Jeremy Lin Tells Asian Media He Joined Rockets 'To Prove Himself'

Rockets guard Jeremy Lin was in Taiwan to help teach basketball to kids of his native country.

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New Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin has been overseas during this offseason in Taiwan, along with Golden State Warriors forward David Lee, to help promote the game of basketball to the country. During this same trip, Lin was asked about why he joined the Rockets and it was because he wanted "to prove himself."

Lin also responds to those who say that the Rockets took a risk with signing him:

He said he has a long road ahead of him and that he will continue to tap his potential, adding that the doubts of the naysayers will turn into a driving force propelling him onward.


He said he will strive to maintain stable performance and keep his focus. He will also increase his weight to prepare for the coming season.

Lin was also asked about former Rockets center Yao Ming, and Lin replied by saying that Ming is an idol of his. Plus, Lin said Ming has given him tips during his time in the NBA which have helped his career.

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