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Jeremy Lin Says He's Down For Rebuilding With Houston Rockets

Jeremy Lin called his new Rockets team young and inexperienced. We knew this already because if you look at the roster, they don't have a lot of guys with more than three years in the league. The Dream Shake gave Lin credit for being honest, but that was him just stating the obvious if anything.

I'm wondering if Lin is being honest about this talk of wanting to go to Houston to prove himself. He supposedly didn't sign with the Rockets for what his former teammate Carmelo Anthony referred to honestly as a "ridiculous" contract, the three-year, $25 million deal.

Lin is saying all the right things -- that he wants to prove doubters wrong and he's ready to start from the ground up with Houston. Explain this, though: how did Jeremy Lin go from preferring New York to wanting to prove himself with the Rockets?

It just doesn't make sense to me, unless Lin has taken this position since coming to terms with the Knicks not matching the Rockets' offer. Either way, Lin only has to play decent to get the Houston fans and media eating from the palm of his hand because he's almost impossible to root against.

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