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Jeremy Lin Works On His Left Hand In Offseason Video

If there is anything specific to notice about Jeremy Lin's latest offseason video, it's him working on his left hand. Since Linsanity hit, the young point guard has been criticized for his right-hand reliant ball-handling skills, which doesn't speak well to his ability run a team consistently.

And maybe Lin realized this, too. At least it seems that way from the video, in which he's working on left-hand dribble drives, layups, reverse layups to the right and floaters. Whether you believe in Lin or not, you have to respect his story and what he's about.

He's obviously enjoying the spotlight, but who wouldn't? Check out the video after the jump.

When Lin gets to Houston full-time, he's going to be the biggest star in town based on the hype and his hard-to-dislike personality.

On the court, he's likely to run into the issue of not having anyone to pass the ball to this year, so it's nice to see him trying to fine-tune his game.

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